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Competition between Google and Apple is more brutal than ever, and is the defining fight of the technology industry and benefits global at the billions of people level. Of the global smartphone market, Google’s strategy as one of mass penetration. Android currently holds around 84.7 per cent of the market, compared to Apple’s 11.7 per cent. Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry OS and other operators make up around 3.6 per cent.

Actually, In phones, Apple is really competing against Samsung, not Google. Google’s core business, really their only business, is advertising, where Apple does not operate at all. The reason for that because they are large companies, they compete in some areas, like iTunes vs. the Play store. But in other areas they don’t, like web search. Maybe it’s better to say that Apple competes with Google, but in some areas, Google does not have to compete with Apple.

Then what is the relationship between apple with google? of course, they are equally giant companies that control the market for products, especially technology products. But other than that, there is the latest technology that they still have not adopted fully, namely blockchain. So what if it can be exploited by their small rivals to compete and face the global market? Of course, this will be an exciting opportunity to attract new investors and invite your attention.

One or perhaps the only and the first in that case is Yappadappadoo. Yappadappadoo is an App Store linked to Blockchain, bringing Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) to all mobile devices worldwide. By combining the advantages of two young, proven technologies in the future, Blockchain and PWAs, yappadappadoo will establish itself as David against the Goliath app store that dominates Apple and Google markets and will achieve significant market share.

The Yappadappadoo product implementation mission is to promote the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We believe this technology provides solutions that empower people and improve the world we live in. We provide our products at the lowest cost possible to our customers to ensure everyone has the opportunity to represent their favourite crypto.

This is very interesting because in yappadappdo there is No downloads, No installation, and No updates. Smart enough to work offline and lightning fast. Independent individual devices and operating systems. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) revolutionized apps markets like Spotify and Netflix for music and movies.

Yappadappadoo is the first and currently the only app store for progressive web apps. It is estimated that app revenue worldwide will grow to about 180 billion US Dollars by 2020. For selfish reasons, Apple App Store and Google Play Store are afraid of internet users killing their business this is the reason why they do not offer this revolutionary app – and will continue to do so for as long as possible.

This independent cryptocurrency will be available to everyone, which makes it especially interesting in growth markets where traditional, established payment methods are often more difficult to reach. For the benefit of both users and app developers, the Blockchain payment system will eliminate unfairly high commission charges for micro-payments.

Thanks also to the Blockchain, the rating- and incentive-system will be both transparent and secure against manipulation. Real and transparent app ratings generate trust in the system. App successes will be realistically measurable for app-developers and -owners. Last but not least, apps and in-app purchases will be transferable between users, protecting against device-crashes, -theft or -loss.

The yappadappadoo Project and App Store are carried out by ITC Information Technology Consultants GmbH, a company registered in Zug, Switzerland. In this whitepaper, ITC Information Technology Consultants is referred to in the shortened form ITC.

The Team Behind The Projects

Road Maps

  1. Q2 2018 >> Store Beta Initial Coin Offering
  2. Q4 2018 >> Store V1.0 Extension of Development & Support Expand Marketing Team & Advertising
  3. Q1 2019 >> Suite private Beta Roll-Out OEM Communication Partnership Indian Market
    Business Unit Spain
  4. Q2 2019 >> Suite public Beta Developer Conference Europe Partnership Chinese Market Game Suite private Beta
  5. Q3 2019 >> Suite V1.0 Strategic Partnership Network Operators
  6. Q4 2019 >> Game Suite public Beta || Developer Conference India || Developers Conference in USA

Token Details

  • WHITELIST: 4 JUN 2018 – 4 AUG 2018
  • PUBLIC SALE: 4 JUN 2018 – 4 AUG 2018 (0.13 USD = 1.0 FLI)
  • TOTAL TOKENS: 500,000,000
  • AVAILABLE FOR SALE: 30% (275,000,000)
  • HARD CAP: 16,000,000 USD
  • Restricted areas: United States, Canada, China, Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Burma, Côte d’Yvoire

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Author : evilsign
ETH Address: 0x5028C92A61501183BA956E6ccAC2275429f17809

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