VIVALID || Collaboration Between Tresure’s Item and Blockchain Technology

Do you know about the vivalid project already?  It’s similar to e-commerce, but this is totally different. This is more powerful and very interesting. Vivalid very sophisticated because doing service use blockchain technology that can help you access the worth of your valuables in a fully objective and professional way through mobile and online platform from the community to community. Vivalid allows large masses to interact democratically while remaining independent and decentralized. The solution as it is unique and provides an innovative approach. The item can be a new and secondhand goods and service. But in this case, items are prohibited for listing on a vivalid app if they are illegal or they violate the place’s community guidelines

Why using blockchain?

Just relax, sit down and read my explanation 🙂

ViValid is a form of service that can help us assess whether an item is valuable or not. In fact, we can measure how valuable a good is, by utilizing the voice of a decentralized community. The treasures we have, the inherited valuables, and even the things we collect like the limited edition stamps, can make us earn a lucrative profit if properly evaluated. Usually, we have to promote or even do a massive auction that will not guarantee results that match what we expect.
In the end, if the effort we do is not fruitful, we will be forced to sell it at a very low price to the naughty party because it covers up the value that actually exists in our goods. ViValid with blockchain technology will solve that problem. Such barriers will be minimized. This system is controlled by the community and therefore will be spared from the potentially hidden motives of certain parties. We only need to take the picture of the item and send it to ViValid for initial assessment and validation of its potential value. Our request requires only a small fee and we will receive a competent and objective opinion from some experts and collectors for a fraction of the usual cost of the service. Evaluators will be randomly selected but smart and accurate from the appropriate members of the ViValid community to provide a truly independent assessment of the item. In addition, the “Proof of Validation Protocol” system will ensure that the received evaluation can be truly dependable.

In this project, you should be able to distinguish between the needs with a hobby. To meet the needs and especially the primary needs, I do not think so much the funds needed. As for the hobby, I am sure will require more funds than just a personal staple.
Every year, collectors spend 200 billion USD on their hobby (not including art, jewellery, and classic cars) around the world. The experts estimate that the global collection market will increase at a rate
the compound annual growth of 4.7 percent between 2017 and 2021 a very strong trend in some emerging markets, especially in China. As a result, two-thirds of the global collection market will be dominated by the country in the next 20 years.

Just for example, a simple items like a picture, postage stamp, hot wheels car, can be very expensive because it’s limited edition or antique. From the other side, it’s a good way for people to make money evaluating prices of things they love. If you want to be what they call a “validator,” you can, but then you have to prove yourself with a track record of solid valuations. Starting as a Tier 1 Validator, you can then move up the ranks (where only the most skilled price assessors can rise to).

Have you ever sold something, then you have thought repeated that “maybe the price is too low”? ViValid not only has answers to your questions but also gives you certificates assessment, which gives you a good position in negotiations with candidates buyer.
There is no easy answer to know how many items antique and your valuable collectables. This often takes time which is old and requires extensive research and patience – and even after that, you cannot be sure that your source can trusted. Normally, the price is negotiated between the buyer and the seller need to have a strong knowledge of market prices. Currently, the seller search for guides, articles, or online assessment services. However, even with this online resource, published rates may not reflect the true value of the asset for two reasons: First, you do not know the quality level of the guide, and secondly, you do not know whether this validator is expert in certain areas.
Some traditional methods can be used to determine the selling price right:
• Learn about the quality of your stuff (material, style, age, etc.). You can find the information in reference books, guides, and tutorials on your favourite library or online.
• Visit antique or pawn shops, look for similar items, and see how many owners want for assets. However, that solution creating a conflict of interest because buyers want prices the lowest and the seller wants the highest.
• Check online sites like eBay, Amazon, or specialized forums and search similar items that have recently been sold.
• Visit a certified appraiser in your area that specializes in your assets.

Let’s say you have an old stamp that you want to sell, and you do not know anything about it. How long do you think you need to determine the actual price? What is the level of reliability price?
The answer is simple. It depends on your dedication to the task and availability of resources you have. This can take some time days in the best scenario. If you decide to use ViValid service, it will
takes a very short time. You do not need to search for guides, online auctions, or experts. You can take multiple photo items with your phone and, send them to a blockchain based system for initial valuation and potential value validation. ViValid is moved by a community and thus disarm the ulterior motive may be due “Proof of Validation Protocol” governs the reliability of opinions. Your assets will be stored in a blockchain and remain there, making the timeline
In the classical approach, the critical issue when looking for an expert in conflict interests. You do not want people who judge your assets to have an interest active to buy it. ViValid is the perfect solution to the problem like that. The validator will be randomly selected from community members at the whole world.
ViValid presents itself as a measurable ecosystem with the community collector. All participants benefit from its unique functionality with receive income depending on their level of knowledge or
gain access to resources that are currently widely distributed and split on the Internet.
It also solves the problem of a lack of opportunities to monetize knowledge in the collector community. Some experts have areas of expertise which is very narrow, which prevents them from using their skills in the local market, but on a global scale, their skills can be overwhelmingly utilized. As a result, this creates new horizons for them to become a member of the renowned international collector community.

I think enough for the introduction of what is vivalid, for further information you can visit the official website here.

Now I want to tell you about the ICO of Vivalid. You can earn huge profit from this potential projects in the near future. I very advise you to invest in this trusted project.

Here is the information about the ICO, you still have time to join.

ViValid obtained a license to operate in the field of virtual currency from Estonian Register of Economic Activities Department. ViValid was reviewed by government regulatory body policies to comply with AML/CTF (The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act) duties and obligations. As a result, ViValid’s activities are transparent and in accordance with the European legislation. License number FVR000175 issued by MTR Estonia.

Token info

Token name: ViV
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
PreICO price 1 ETH = 2,520 ViV
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 1,800 ViV
Max supply: 200,000,000 ViV
Tokens for sale: 140,000,000 ViV

Investment info

Min. investment: 0.1 ETH
Accepting: ETH
Distributed in ICO: 70%
Soft cap: 4,100,000 USD (ALREADY REACHED)
Hard cap: 28,750,000 USD
If the fundraiser is not reached, all remaining tokens will be destroyed at the end of the sale of tokens. The actual amount of ViV will be known after the end of the token sale. If less than 20 000 000 ViV is sold in the main sale, then all the funds collected will be returned to the participants (minus costs applicable transactions) within a reasonable period of the end of the sale token. Pre-sales and sales will require KYC pre-registration.
The Team Behind This ViValid

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