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UMKA has the potential to revolutionize a freelance market!  It forms expert communities and provides the most convenient conditions for work, education and self-development. So are you want to know about UMKA? Just relax and I will tell you about UMKA and advise you to make an investment in it.

First of all, do know what is labour market?  A labour market is a place where workers and employees interact with each other. It is usually can be called or also known as the job market, refers to the supply and demand for labour in which employees provide the supply and employers with the demand. It is a major component of any economy and is intricately tied in with markets for capital, goods and services.

In the labour market, employers compete to hire the best, and the workers compete for the best satisfying job. A labour market in an economy functions with demand and supply of labour. In this market, labour demand is the firm’s demand for labour and supply is the worker’s supply of labour. The supply and demand of labour in the market are influenced by changes in the bargaining power.

Law of demand explains consumer choice behaviour when the price changes. In the market, assuming other factors affecting demand being constant, when the price of a good rise, it leads to a fall in the demand of that good. This is the natural consumer choice behaviour. This happens because a consumer hesitates to spend more for the good with the fear of going out of cash.

The above diagram shows the demand curve which is downward sloping. Clearly when the price of the commodity increases from price p3 to p2, then its quantity demand comes down from Q3 to Q2 and then to Q3 and vice versa.


UMKA is a decentralized labour market, but actually, it’s more than just a common labour market. It is an efficient project implementation and a team-building platform based on the blockchain technology. In this site, you will find how UMKA take advantage to perform project financial safety for all users and all platform transactions use agile smart contracts based on blockchain technology.



UMKA is a comfortable space for cooperation between employers and contractors that offers a wide array of useful tools integrated into its system. UMKA use a smart system that makes it possible for employers to set precise requirements for freelancers while freelancers are able to build competence following market trends. It will provide freelancers with access to thousands of projects, vacancies, testing systems with a self-control function, and training programs from the world’s leading educational institutions. Wow, very interesting right? Look at the flow diagram below.

What’s UMKA Can Do?

Too many problems in this world, especially in the labor market. With UMKA and the blockchain technologies, many problems can be solved. For example is the tools which can be implemented and were used like a digital passport. It contains user’s data. The data will be stored on the blockchain. The digital passport contains all the information about user’s skills and qualifications, their work experiences and a possible list of courses completed within UMKA platform sources. The digital passport makes easier for employers to find freelancers with the required skill set. Besides that, you can find the problems which can be solved by UMKA through the table below:

UMKA will only take a 1% commission from all transactions within the platform. It is the lowest commission on the freelance platform market to date. Funds gathered this way will be distributed among UMK token holders. If you want to invest in UMKA, you will receive revenue from the platform’s fees daily. The revenue will grow in dependence on the amount of purchased tokens and the number of contracts concluded on the platform. In the future that tokens will be tradable on some big exchanges.

UMKA already start its crowdfunding in May 2018. The Company is planning to organize a private presale with a minimum investment amount of $1000 USD and have  target of hardcap 10 million USD, where you as investors will be able to purchase UMK tokens and receive some bonus. You can make deals in cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, LTC and many others. The bonus which can you get by purchasing this tokens is shown below:


In this year the team of UMKA are developing MVP for the mobile apps for Android and iOS, the web version of the platform and the AgileSC technology. They are working closely with advisors, and have concluded forward contracts with investors and cryptocurrency exchanges. The project is getting ready for the private presale stage and the crowdsale.


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