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For many in the tech industry, ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ are hot buzzwords, but for photographers who’ve long struggled to assert control over their work and how it’s used, these buzzwords are the keys to solving what felt like an unsolvable problem. In the digital era, it’s more difficult than ever before for photographers to keep track of where their work is being reproduced, so it’s easy to see why content creators would welcome this platform with open arms.

Currently, we live in an innovative web 3.0 era that enables global human networks, with the help of high data and high data throughput. Use of blocker technology with a peer-to-peer (p2p) system is safe and secure, without central maintenance. This technology opens new horizons for architectural and software applications. It provides a list of safe and verifiable transactions available to all users at any given time. With so-called Smart Contracts, the ethereum blocker technology opens the possibility of setting up the correct digital transaction using the machine. Therefore, conditions for completing the contract are met only if both parties have fulfilled that part.Thus, the machine leaves no room for harmful interference.

With the Photochain p2p platform, we released a new concept as the next generation of stock photography platform. We use this technology to conduct fair trade p2p between digital works between artists and buyers.

Thus, the specific usage requirements for this platform, safe trading terms, are uncomplicated and fair for both parties. Wait, the artist receives up to 95% of the final sale price.

Project Photochain Mission:

Photochain provides the same price — same. The price below is very cheap — only 5% of the sale price. The opportunity to maintain 95% of the final sale price allows contributors to offer their jobs cheaper, and consequently the market becomes more affordable for customers. This type of market not only benefits the users but also benefits the industry, as the possibility of increased revenue contributes to better performance.

This profound market change is only by using blockchain technology, Intelligent Contracting, learning machines and the user community of Photochain itself. Processes and platforms It is undeniable that more and more stock photography contributors and customers will prefer to use Photochain.

Development of the Photochain platform is an ambitious and growing process organically. Our main goal for this project is under three important branches:

  • P2P Market : It is important to us that only the artists themselves can determine their work and they are given the opportunity to offer their work to many potential buyers. Our platform provides this opportunity that is realized by using synergies from Blockchain technology and machine learning.
  • The Crypto Economy : The Photochain Platform attracts a vast audience that is still unsuccessful in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The use case of “Photochain” can attract this audience. Easy-to-use GUI and trading process. Crypto became mainstream.
  • Digital Photochain Chain Copyright: DCC : As the process progresses, more and more artists will be able to strengthen their copyright using the Photochain platform, because their work will be fine with its name. This will be visible to all users at any time. This means that the artist’s sense of image can be accounted for. The database with all the real links has been built in a decentralized way.

Platform Photochain :

With all existing stock photography platforms, the only way to ensure transaction security can be ensured is through the control center. Compared to that, we created a platform that works independently, safely and efficiently under established rules.

We are developing DApp Photochain in blockchain Ethereum. In addition, Photochain also uses computer vision (machine learning) to meet the needs of certain stock photography technology.

Photochain DApp is a platform where artists have the opportunity to sell their work to a wide audience for the price they charge, and where the seller is also satisfied and responsible for the work they sell themselves. The Photochain team has no responsibility or responsibility for the seller’s illegal behavior. This means the artist is responsible for the legality of the work he is selling, and is fully responsible for illegal activities. Photochain however, will retain the user’s copyright, with the prevention of unauthorized photography sales.

Photochain Token :

This token is the fundamental recommendation utilized inside the state of the photograph chain. The accompanying Photon token capacities:

As an apparatus to get to administrations on the stage

Rewards of the framework for picture takers and administrations.

Photon token is an ERC 20 cryptographic token. Here is data about the Photon token:

• Name: PHOTON token (PHT)

• Standard: Etheric ERC20

• Hard Top: 230,000,000 PHT Token issued

• Discharge date: Age token occasion will happen directly after the principle deals occasion. The dissemination of


The stage will complete crowdfunding in two phases: pre-deal and primary deal. For pre-deal, the accompanying information:

Name of the token (PHT)

Cost per token (ETH) 0.00017 ETH

Pre-Deal Top (Token PHT) 10,000,000

Principle Deal Top (Token PHT) 170,000,000

Hard Top (Token PHT) 230,000,000

The pre-deal was produced using January 7, 2018 and has officially finished. The accessible token is 10 million IPM. The base exchange is 0.1 ETH.

The principle deal will start on Walk 25, 2018 through May 25, 2018. The measure of tokens accessible is 230 million tokens. The conversion standard of 1 PHT = 0.00017 ETH and the base exchange is 0.1 ETH. There is a rebate given in this occasion, here are the subtle elements:

Day 1 to 2: – 30% rebate => 1 IPM = ETH 0.000119

Day 3 to 15: – 20% rebate => 1 IPM = ETH 0.000136

Day 16 a 30: – 10% rebate => 1 PHT = ETH 0.000153

Days 31 to 45: – 5% rebate => 1 IPM = ETH 0.000162


When we assess Photochain innovation, we can state that there is a solid group including programming designers and PC engineers. Truth be told, before we get a coin, we have to look at his group. In this way, something we generally suggest is that you should take a gander at the group you are thinking about purchasing. It is realized that the group cooperative efforts a major part in the improvement of icos. Indeed, even the group and also the publicizing group know about the critical issues is a standout amongst the most imperative necessities for the advancement of the undertaking is developing as an opposition.


Roadmap Photochain


Development TEAM


Advisory Board


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