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Green energy is a term that describes what is considered a source of energy and energy friendly to the environment. In particular, the term refers to renewable energy sources and does not pollute the environment. In addition to water, sun and wind are also energy coming from living things. Included in the latter category is often referred to as biomass, which as an example is jelantah oil. In general this type of energy belongs to renewable energy.

Another example that has been successfully applied is a windmill in the Netherlands. Surely many already know that this country is often referred to as the windmill country because so many windmills. But not only the Dutch, in the UK also have many who managed to take advantage of windmills that are environmentally friendly technology for power sources.

Alt title of Image:Greenpark.wind.turbine.arp.jpg

A wind generator at Junction 11 of the M4 motorway, at Greenpark industrial estate, near Reading, Berkshire, England. Construction finished in November 2005. The turbine supplies up to 1,500 local homes and businesses.

The turbine on top of the 85 m m (279 ft) tower is the German-made Enercon E-70. The three fibreglass blades are each 33m (108 ft) long, rotating at 6 to 21 rpm depending on wind speed. Maximum power output of 2.05 MW is reached at a wind speed of 14 m/s (31 mph) then remains constant with increasing wind speed. The hub is kept facing into wind.

At a pre-determined high wind speed the blades cease rotation.

The turbine’s electricity generation has been claimed to be only 17% of its capacity. Manufacturers claim windturbines to be able to generate an average output of at least 30% of nameplate capacity. [1]

South East England MEP Nigel Farage has described the turbine as “Totally ineffective” He added, “To meet our EU energy targets Britain needs to build thousands more turbines but quite frankly, I think a reliable and cost effective energy supply is more important than laws made by people with no expertise on the subject.” [2]

Safety concerns have also been voiced over this very large turbine’s proximity to a main road and industrial park, in that a blade-off incident similar to that at Halling in Hornslet, Denmark in 2008 could result in major damage to buildings or injuries to persons in the vicinity. [3]

Photographed by Adrian Pingstone in December 2005 and released to the public domain.

So many potential green energy projects around the world. And this is certainly good news for a much better future. Then what contribution do you want to give to the world? Is it enough to support it through writing alone?
The good news that I want to convey to all of you is that you can contribute and earn profit in the future by supporting this GreenX project. To participate in GreenX ecosystem, you only need to have devices with functional Internet browser. They will also release mobile apps soon to support users.

GreenX is registered in Singapore. Each project on the GreenX platform is regulated in the local sovereign state. We will employ local legal firms to ensure all projects are legal. Combined with the clearly-tested blockchain technology along with professional team of choice who are of course very talented and expert in their respective fields. Their platform is flexible and can accommodate many different project types, allows project developers and investors to interact through most common financial structures, such as: economic interests (percentage of net profits), debenture terms (paying fixed percentage of the original funding), convertible mechanism (debts that turn into economic interests once certain conditions are satisfied).

The GreenX project could be one of the best ICOs of 2018 with a lot of potentials: The green energy industry is fast-growing with 15-20% growth rate annually. Green energy projects are less risky compared to other starts up, as investors can easily verify the project’s potential through signed energy supply contracts. Sophisticated business model that has been proven in real-life. Strong team of experience business leaders and capable technological developers. Refined strategies to protect token holders’ interests in short, mid, and long term. Transparent development with all smart-contract codes and development progress available on the company’s Github. Regulated company registered in Singapore. (Not really a selling point)

The GreenX model is implemented using Python 3.5.2 and two popular Tensorflow and Scikit-learn libraries. Source code will be tested on Ubuntu Linux computers with Intel core i9 CPUs, 64 GB RAM and NVIDIA 1080s double GPUs.

GreenX platform is built on Ethereum blockchain which offers the most transparency and security across the transactions. A blockchain is a collaborative, distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many users. Transactions on the blockchain are secured and unalterable. There are many blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin… Blockchains often add transactions to the distributed ledger through the help miners, who verify transactions using dedicated computers. The GreenX ecosystem is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain to take advantage of its vast network of users and miners. The GreenX ecosystem is decentralized Application and is built with a three-layer structure. The GreenX platforms communicate with the blockchain platform through various engines and tools, which are flexible and could communicate to different blockchains. Those allow GreenX to run projects that use smart contracts based on different blockchains.

You only need ETH to buy GEX on popular exchanges, then use GEX to transact on GreenX platforms. If you are a private investor wishing to invest more than $50,000, they can arrange for funds to be invested in other currency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, USDT…). Please contact them directly at [email protected]. Once the GreenX platforms are functional, you need at least $100 worth of GEX to invest in green energy projects. To see the contract address, you need to create an account on our portal and register your Ethereum wallet. You will need to complete a KYC check before investing. After that, just send ETH to the smart contract address to receive GreenX tokens. All the investment will be treated in term of USD. The platform will automatically handle investment amount to make sure that both investors and developers are not affected by exchange rate fluctuation. In most cases, project terms on the GreenX are denoted in USD and are converted to GEX at spot prices. For example, a developer needs to raise $1,000,000 for a solar farm may promise $100,000 annual payments for investors. If the price of GEX at the time of funding is $1.00, the developer receives 1,000,000 GEX. If, for instance, GEX price increase to $2.00 at the annual payment time, the developer returns 50,000 GEX to investors, which is equal to the promised $100,000. This way, both the developer and investors avoid currency volatility risk. You can freely deposit and withdraw GEX on and from GreenX platforms, like most of other crypto exchanges. Your funds are secured in encrypted wallets. GreenX platforms will have similar security features to most cryptocurrency exchanges, including 2FA authentication.

You can visit this page to see how to purchase greenX token through your MEW

Due to regulation constraints, GreenX cannot accept token sale contributions from citizens of the following countries: USA, Singapore, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. This restrictive list is only applicable for the token sale event. Later on, investors from these countries can buy GreenX tokens on regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in their native countries. Projects located in the restricted country list can be listed on the GreenX platforms, subjected to legal consult with local law firms.

GEX will be listed on popular exchanges within 2 weeks after the ICO finishes (Gate.IO, Cryptopia, Lykke… ), and on major exchanges (Houbi / Binance/ Kucoin …) within 2 months. Our advisors have close connections with many exchanges and we’ll dedicate 10% of the total funding for coin promotion and exchange listing.

ICO info

RoadMap Info

Token Info

Token   GEX
Platform   Ethereum
Token Price   0.2 USD
Token for sale   225,000,000 GEX
Token supply   375,000,000 GEX
Soft Cap   2,500 ETH

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Author: evilsign

ETH address: 0x5028C92A61501183BA956E6ccAC2275429f17809

That is the explanation of GreenX that I can delivered. Hopefully it can be useful for us of cryptocurrency lovers as well. Thanks and look forward to information about the rest of the crypto world.

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