GlobeCas || The Biggest Ever Revolution of The Casino and Gaming Industry

With studies showing global casino growth rates of 10.16% between 2017 and 2022, the casino-based platform is well positioned to capitalize on the tremendous growth of crypto growth as well as enter the industry that won $ 450 billion from gamblers in the United States in 2016 alone.

The relationship between crypto and online games is well established – but GlobeCas’s vision can bridge the gap between digital and physical one and all. The revolutionary idea is simple: casinos and games without real-world money where digital crypto is used in all transactions, from buying chips to casino floors.

Land-based casinos are slowly being replaced with online gambling, as many establishments find it hard to keep up with the consumer changes. They could cater to the market and launch an online product, However, running a successful online casino is an entirely different process to a land-based casino. It could be more complex, expensive and time-consuming.

GlobeCas is undoubtedly one of the most regulated companies in the gaming industry. We have absolutely noticed the concerns raised by investors about uncountable scams and frauds in many ICO’s. Comparing against these, we are a licensed company with the UK Remote License issued by the UKGC. This license is the most recognised license in the industry which clearly shows GlobeCas is operating with sufficient capital, along with full compliance including knowledge and experience.
With the business size, GlobeCas plans to obtain additional licenses around the world. Being a company with licenses and all available technologies, we plan to take one step further to link up the gaming industry and the crypto-world. A complex crypto-based gaming platform will be developed to create a win-win situation between GlobeCas and the land-based casinos. GlobeCas’s technology will bring all the land-based casino into one platform to become the biggest casino in the world and lead the industry.

GlobeCas was founded to connect the global casinos and the clients from different countries around the globe under one integrated platform with the same cryptocurrency. They are an experienced team with over 13 years of solid business experience in the gambling industry.

Their Client Management System is the most comprehensive administrative system, including player management, bonus control, campaign management, affiliates, reports, risk monitors and other
managerial controls. It is a system that provides everything an operator needs to run an online platform. In fact, this system has been operated for years by several online casinos.

GlobeCas token or can be called GCT token is a cryptocurrency under the ERC20 standard. This token will be widely used on the GlobeCas platform where casinos from across the world have joined. Players can enjoy gaming in these casinos using GCT without the worry of handling different currencies such as USD or EUR or GBP. GCT is used to standardise the gaming currencies by replacing the role of traditional payment methods.

Frauds and scams can be found everywhere in the ICO world. There is no doubt that governments have raised the awareness of this ICO issue and plan to restrict ICO activities. As people gain more knowledge and experience in selecting their investment, GlobeCas is certainly one of the best choices, due to its license, assets and experience. GlobeCas is comparatively stronger than any casinos in the ICO market and this is proven by our history.
The license owned by GlobeCas is the proof that we are experienced and have been operating legally with our own financial support for nearly 10 years. Most ICO’s in the market do not involve their own financial support and therefore can be considered as failing projects.
Because of this, GlobeCas is presenting the macro view of the gaming industry, our perspective includes both the land-based casinos, online casinos and end-users. With a proactive and comprehensive vision, we are the most unique company who will revolutionize the industry and benefit all parties in the process.

To deposit GCT in GlobeCas platform, clients need to add their wallet addresses to our system. Once updated, clients can send GCT to the GlobeCas blockchain wallet and the balance will
be updated accordingly. GlobeCas system tracks the GCT transactions and updates the account balance automatically.

For withdrawal, clients just need to make a withdrawal request and GlobeCas system makes an instruction to trigger the blockchain wallet to transfer to the client’s wallet.

GCT tokens can be purchased during the Crowdsale period. Anyone interested in acquiring GCT during the Crowdsale period must register as whitelist member, earning great discounts in return.
When the Crowdsale is over, GCT will be available for trading in the exchange. It is our goal to enter as many crypto-currency exchanges as possible. The list of exchanges available for GCT trading will be released on our ICO website or sent to our whitelisted member via email.

As a utility token GCT is safe and legal. It contains its value and can be traded in exchange to show that it has a role in the market. No evidence indicates that cryptocurrency is illegal, but some regulations may be applied in the future which is good news for GCT.
Our GlobeCas team have much knowledge and experience in compliance regulation. We Plan for GCT to be one of the largest Crypto-Currencies on the market, helping to eliminate scam tokens in the process.


During the Crowdsale period, 8,100,000,000 GCT or 40.5% of the total tokens will be on public sale. Any unsold token will be airdropped proportionally to those who have participated in our Pre-ICO and ICO. This is to maximize the reward to the supporters.

They welcome everyone to participate in their Crowdsale period. For compliance Anti-money laundering checks, anyone who would like to participate in our Crowdsale period must register and become a whitelisted member. Our approved whitelisted members will be eligible to purchase GCT during our Pre-ICO and ICO period.

GCT will be delivered to the investor’s GlobeCas account shortly after successful purchase. Investors can log in to check the GCT balance. After the end of ICO, the tokens will be transferred to the investor’s registered wallet.

The Road Map of this project is:

The Team Behind Project is:

Token & Investment Info:
Token symbol: GCT
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Pre ICO price: 1 USD = 218.7 GCT
Price in ICO: 1 USD = 178.2 GCT
Tokens for sale: 9,000,000,000
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO: 45%
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD

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Proof of Authentication Author: evilsign

ETH Address: 0x5028C92A61501183BA956E6ccAC2275429f17809

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