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Decentralization has brought with it a new cultural movement, new business models, new technology and of course, disruptive funding mechanisms. I’m not talking only about ICOs or TGEs, but about“native” protocol funds.

The brief reference to protocols

The conceptualization and definition of “fat protocols” by Joel Monegro meant the realization of a new possibility of actually encapsulating tech value in the blockchain space, and monetizing it. The network value of projects such as Ethereum is allocated in its protocols, and even though we are living crazy times for ICO/TGEs which may lead some people to think that the valuable investment to do is in the applications rather than the protocols, the truth is that it is not. Value is stored in (fat) protocols, which also enable the construction of others on top, in a “desintermediation/ decentralization by layers” kind-of-business model.

Cryptfunder (symbol: CFND) is a decentralized funding source for ICO startups and blockchain companies in other stages. Cryptfunder will offer ICO funding to start their projects, improve their security, get better servers, build technology or other related activities in exchange for either a pre-ICO token or as a result of negotiations from their initial launch

Cryptfunder is committed to encouraging the advancement and development of newer and better technologies. The purpose of Cryptfunder is to generate value for its token holders by providing ICO with the means and opportunities to succeed through Cryptfunders encrypted funding sources.

Cryptfunders CFND is a token that will help fund other ICO startups and serves as a store of value that holds tokens received through funding. CFND will be an ERC20 token based on Ethereum

Common Problems
The problem with creating a new platform is its implementation. Have a different idea than executing a real deal. You can have an idea to want this and that, or want to include this and that. However, this is an important real implementation. The challenge is to get ideas really working and real – and how to create platforms that really deliver what has been promised before.
It’s also a shame that this challenge has driven a new platform to abandon. Fraud and fraud have become major confidence issues. Although most platforms claim that they will refund their investors’ money if the intended funds are not met, in reality, this often does not happen. In many cases, the fund-raising platform simply leaves the project without returning money to investors. This does not happen on most platforms, but some of them do, and it creates distrust among investors.
When a confidence issue occurs, it can be harmful to the economy as a whole. The Crypto platform is seen as the future of the economy and digital transactions. It plays an important role in the global economy. You can imagine the chaos when growth is distracted by distrust and abuse. That’s why Cryptfunder stepped forward by applying the technology they know to create a more secure and fair platform to support the new crypto startup.

How Does Cryptofunder Work?
Actually quite simple. Cryptfunder consists of experts in technology, digital, economics and finance. When they see a new platform appear, they will analyze the conditions – make ‘predictions’ whether the platform will continue or fail. They will only choose a potential platform to help. For these potential platforms, this Crypto platform offers fresh funds with an exchange of discounted crypto tokens from the intended platform. Not only do these platforms offer financial assistance, they also offer better insight into their overall security and system. Experts will be able to provide insight and criticism, in the hope that the intended platform (which gets help) can grow and evolve into a better platform.

Cryptfunder will provide seed crypto-capital at a crucial phase in return for pre-ICO tokens at a discounted rate, as well as through other methods of compensation. Additionally, Cryptfunder’s backing will enable these startups to kick-start their projects, boost their security, obtain and solidify better servers, and develop better overall technology for sustained success. In exchange for funding, pre-ICO tokens will be provided following the close of the ICO or prior.

With statistics detailing an enormous increase in the amount of ICOs and funds raised since their introduction in 2016 ($94 million raised by 30 ICOs in 2016; $6 billion raised by 891 ICOs in 2017), the market saturation has contributed to fraudulent activity, mistrust, and hesitation to delve into new startup ICO platforms. Cryptfunder connects with ICOs during their early stages, providing legitimacy before a negative stigma is attached to the new venture due to a possible lack of proper funding. With these needed funds, startups can now expand their platforms and pursue their future endeavors and achieve their full potential.

ICO Details

Token Number: 40,000,000 tokens
ICO Token: 20,000,000 tokens
Token Symbol: CFND
Initial Token value: 0.003 ethereum per token
ICO from 25 May 2018, 9:00 pm UTC
ICO time: 45 days, Ends: 8 July 2018, 9:00 pm UTC
Rounds: 1 Round, 4 Stage Bonus, 1 Stage Ordinary
Soft cap 6000 ethereum
Hardcap 60000 ethereum
Methode for Token Purchase: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)

:::::::::::::::::::::::::ICO FUNDS AND TOKEN ALLOCATIONS :::::::::::::::::::::::

ICO Fund Allocation

Token Distribution

Additional details

Token: CFND
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Prices at ICO: 1 CFND = 0.003 ETH
Bonus: May 25 – May 29 (15%) May 30 – June 3 (10%) June 4 – June 8 (5%) June 9 – June 13 (2%) June 14 – July 8 (0%)
Token for sale: 20,000,000



The Team Behind The Project
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