Capital Technologies & Research || Developing a Decentralized Private Communication System

Assuring the security of private communications regardless of platform – email, VOIP, direct message should be a top priority of the internet industry.The industry needs to at least come together to offer encryption for private communications as protection against government surveillance.  This kind of communication has become increasingly important in an era of mass surveillance and state-sponsored attacks.

Guarantee of private communications should be a matter of law already. But, of course, it is not. In the US, only our first-class physical mail is protected from government surveillance without a warrant. In the UK, it was a case of opened mail that led to the closing of the Secret Department of the Post Office. As a matter of principle, the protection afforded our physical mail should extend to any private communication using any means. Just because the authors of the Fourth Amendment could not anticipate the internet and email, let alone Facebook, that should not grant government spies a loophole from the founders’ intent.

The problem in the today’s usage of Open Whispers Systems protocol is that Key Distribution
Center is centralized; the only way to the authenticity of another parity is to do a lot of backtracking; so the risk of a MITM (Man in the middle) attack or server’s hack is most likely to happen. To avoid these kinds of attacks users are requested to verify their public keys on a secure side-channel, either rely on the identification protocol.

Traditional end to end encryption protocol, rely on centralized servers that exchanges encryption keys and broadcast communications through them. Hackers impersonate those servers by counterfeiting the real encryption keys with their forged ones, hijacking the communication.
Blockchain based communication, solve this problem by replacing the centralized servers with nodes, giving authority back to the people.

With Capital Technologies your Communication can be made fully private with a decentralized private communication system. Capital Technologies looks at the way the internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world. They understand that the internet has made it possible to interact with anyone despite long distance and that this has made our way of life easier.

Capital Technologies & Research’s end-to-end encryption model through blockchain. They encrypt their users’ communications through The Signal Protocol, designed by Open Whisper Systems, to ensure an up to date solution without inventing the wheel. Capital Technologies & Research will developing a decentralized private communication system where users can easily enjoy their private communications. Also, the company will developing a new brand of phones that will have the Capital’s application pre-installed and will make the profit from the selling of the devices.

They believe in real privacy, as a former CIA agent Edward Snowden, said once Privacy is something to protect, we deeply analyzed the actual situation of today and we found out that all communications these days rely on centralized servers, controlled by groups of persons that can’t be entirely trusted. Their project’s idea came from Satoshi Nakamoto vision, where data is relayed through different users, becoming private and untraceable. Capital Technologies & Research SRL is incorporated in Romania. The Team is international, our team members and advisors are located in 4 different countries: Romania, China, United States and Pakistan.

The feature of this project are:

  • Fully decentralized architecture – no centralized services involved in the user identification, node management, encryption or storage.
  • User Identification can be realized in two ways, via a secure side-channel – directly between parties near-by and via Persona.aiTM Zero Knowledge Identity Blockchain
  • End-to-end encryption – only users involved in the communication can read/write messages as a connection is encrypted. Encryption keys are different every time providing perfect forward secrecy
  • Forward Secrecy is ensured by the Double Ratchet Algorithm that provides different keys for encryption of each message, disabling an attacker from accessing the clear-text of the messages even if he managed to compromise one encryption key; it would be needed to tamper all keys, as he would lose access as soon an uncompromised message passes between trustworthy parties. This algorithm had been used for a long time because it provides both full encryptions of contents on the entire way of transport as well as authentication of the remote users and protection against manipulation of messages.
  • Asynchronicity between users sessions is assured by the presence of the ephemeral pre-keys available anytime in each node’s database. Asynchronicity allows initialisation of messaging sessions without the presence of both parties at the same time (asynchronous communication).

Cost of the service will be determined by node operators only, the team behind the project or any
individual user will have to respect node operator’s decision about the cost involving his node in the
system. Capital (CALL) is based on Proof of Work GPU only mining algorithm. It is used just for call
initialisation procedure that involves keys exchange between other nodes and final users.
CapitalGAS (CALLG) usage is as we all know about, like cost (gas) per minute or cost (gas) per
message. CapitalGAS (CALLG) is based on Proof of Work CPU only mining algorithm, and Proof of
Stake, offering both master node rewards for devoted node operators. The Aragon2d algorithm ensures zero abuse from botnets, GPU farms & ASIC’s. Also by using DELTA difficulty algorithm, which is the most advanced difficulty retarget algorithm, we will be able to protect against evil pools, which try to disrupt the network stability. Communication protocol offered by Capital Technologies & Research is one most secure solution, delivering end-to-end encryption using blockchain as the ledger of public keys, providing a bulletproof mechanism.

Capital highlights

  • Privacy on highest levels

    End-to-end encrypted communication system based on blockchain. Anonymous payments using zk-SNARKs technology.

  • Real decentralization

    With blockchain technology we build the next decentralized communication network of the future. There’s no central database, encryption keys are exchanged through user’s nodes.

  • User friendly

    Simple to install, easy to use, trustworthy.

Name: Capital Technologies & Research
Token symbol: CALL
Hard cap: $151,557,656.25
Soft Cap: $4,239,375.00
ERC20 token: Yes
Private Sale
Minimum Investment: $5000
CALL Supply: 3,123,750
CALLG Supply: 624,750,000
$0.35 (1 CALL & 200 CALLG)
Pre-ICO Sale
Minimum Investment: 0.01 ETH
CALL Supply: 7,586,250
CALLG Supply: 1,517,250,000
$0.5 (1 CALL & 200 CALLG)
Private Sale: @0.35 $
Pre-Sale: @0.5 $
Main Sale: @0.7 $
Last Week: @1 $

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Author: evilsign

ETH Address: 0x5028C92A61501183BA956E6ccAC2275429f17809

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  2. Hiya very nice site!! Man .. Excellent .. Amazing ..
    I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally?
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