BGX || Multifunctional Processing Platform

This month BGX already launched their pre-ICO. This is one of the most anticipated token crowdsales you must join because BGX as a multi-functional financial platform that will bring the entire economy of mobile games into the age of decentralized effectiveness. BGX created a blockchain algorithm that processes up to 100,000 transactions per second at very low costs, while maintaining decentralization and unmatched security.

What makes BGX useful and interesting?

BGX used the algorithm to build a platform that is ideal for financial processing in a large market, reliant on microtransactions, such as the $60bn mobile games industry. BGX impressed large industry partners by lowering their financial costs threefold, by doubling the available channels of monetization, and by maximising user ARPU. BGX is the fastest, low-cost, and most secure decentralized method of payment processing.

The mobile games market is phenomenal. One of the most technologically adaptive and high spending sectors, it is comprised of over two billion players. By 2020, it will reach the threshold of $60 billion annual revenues. Yet, lack of recent innovation limits the earnings of its participants and threatens to decrease its astounding growth rates. Several critical inefficiencies hold back the full potential of this industry.

The BGX Platform is positioned for rapid player adoption. Players earn from their gaming time. They have access to a virtual wallet, which supports in-game, crypto and fiat currencies and makes them interchangeable. Game studios gain a powerful motivational tool in platform’s universal coin. They have access to many modern, platform-wide monetization channels – hosting tournaments, duels, streams.
Enough is enough. There have been many gaming ICOs. Yet, the industry needs a true fintech solution, providing players, studios, publishers, ad networks, and investors with the opportunity to earn more while paying less to inefficient intermediaries. The mobile game sector is ready for disruption.

Game developers and app markets can easily enter the crypto-economy with BGX. By using the internal token, they can monetize their games and access a large market, while paying only 10% commissions on their revenue. The commission structure is one third of what Play Market and App Store often charge. In exchange, the developers and marketers can access a variety of game-related revenue channels that these larger platforms lack and can use many financial capabilities formerly only possible in the crypto-economy.

Road Map the project

DEVELOPMENT OF XELOPES CORE AND PROCESSING PLATFORM. Building distinct technological modules and testing them in commercial projects.

July, 2017

PRODUCT CONCEPT. Forming an overall vision of the product, marketing studies, team formation.

October, 2017

CREATION OF THE ARCHITECTURE AND PROTOTYPE. Creating an abstract architecture and making the main technological decisions, building a model for neural network learning.

April, 2018

CREATION OF THE MVP. Forming the product prototype to provide the user with the main functions, developing specifications, confirming the product’s features.

May, 2018


Token info

Token Name / Symbol : BGX
Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
PreICO price
1 BGX = 0.07 USD
Price in ICO
1 BGX = 0.10 USD


Pre-Sale 30 %
Crowdsale First 48 hrs 25 %
Crowdsale Days 3-7 15 %
Crowdsale Days 8-14 10 %
Tokens for sale
Total Supply:

Investment info 

Distributed in ICO
50 %
Soft cap
4,000,000 USD
Hard cap
50,000,000 USD
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas
USA, Canada

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