AMICORUM.LIVE develops an AMI token, this is a utility token that will use “AMICORUM PLATFORM” for the purchase and sale of tickets in the resale secondary market. The tokenisation model focuses on real-time conversion of the event ticket price to Token AMI (as an exchange rate) and usage by buyers and sellers.

This platform will allow users to list or list their tickets on our platform, change the value of the ticket price to an AMI token (automatically and in real time) and then allow fans to buy tickets with the AMI Token. The technology architecture will take the exchange rate and present the value to the seller during the list and to the buyer during the ticket purchase.

AMICORUM.LIVE will provide secure, transparent and “0” transaction/processing fee based platform for the ticket re-sale industry – eliminating transaction costs, fraud and empowering ticket buyers. AMICORUM.LIVE will solve the most fundamental problem of high transaction and processing fees paid by customers in the secondary ticket markets. Packed with features and built on ETH blockchain, it is the only platform with no competitors in the blockchain sphere.

AMICORUM (Latin word close to the meaning of Gathering of Friends) is an innovative platform that will decentralize the ticket re-sale industry using blockchain and secure identity platform. The platform will be secure, transparent and free of any transaction/processing fees for buying and
selling of only authenticated tickets in the secondary re-sale market. Sellers will be able to list their tickets in fiat (using a market-feed oracle, the platform will calculate AMI prices at the time of purchase) that will be authenticated with smart contract and Buyer’s will be able to buy  tickets with the AMI token (the new cryptocurrency based on Ethereum  blockchain) at 0 transaction fee and 0 processing fees.

AMICORUM.LIVE offers its potential AMICORUM.LIVE platform users the right to purchase AMI Token quotas through an ICO event that begins on March 1, 2018.
The AMI Token is based on the standardized Ehereum market of decentralized smart contracts ERC20 tokens. Formed in blockchain and may execute automatically upon occurrence of predefined criteria and events and subject to certain conditions, the AMI token is valid indefinitely and is the property of the respective holder.
AMICORUM.LIVE will be registered under EU law, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. This is subject to an audit of best market practice in accordance with European regulations thereby ensuring the absolute transparency and accountability of all AMICORUM.LIVE activities including the complete publication of company reports.
Estonia has been selected for its favorable digital innovation climate including e-Location. Estonia was ranked first on in its assessment of countries that support the development of cryptocurrency, administered by Estonia as the first country to have ATM-Bitcoin.
All AMI tokens will be distributed in proportion to the amount paid during ICO in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
While tokens will be used primarily to leverage platforms, demand will grow as users grow. The company’s goal is to achieve at least 25% market share of ticket resale by 2020.

This will enable the growth of the token value and make it a standard utility token to be used at the time of each transaction on the platform.
Early adopters will have many opportunities to steer the company’s growth.

ICO Information: 

Token: AMI
Token Type: ERC20
Price: 1 AMI = 0.50 USD
Buy with: ETH
Raised: 0
Market Soft Cap: 5000000 USD
Market Hard Cap: 20000000 USD
Token Distribution
· 80%: ICO Total Distribution – 40,000,000
· 15%: Reserved for Founder / Management – 7,500,000
· 2%: Reserved for Adviser – 1,000,000
· 3%: Reserved for Marketing Purpose / Loyalty – 1,500,000
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