Soundeon The One Stop Music Platform Integrated With Blockchain ​​Technology

Welcome to my beloved website and hopefully enjoy reading my reviews about ICOs. To get clear information about soundeon, please read my article to complete, especially if you want to invest then you are expected really in reading it, thank you in advance and happy to read. If you like music, can you try a service from the soundeon, and do you know? soundeon is a great platform and team with advisors who have experience in music. Soundeon platform is a music platform that uses blockchain technology so that in addition to using its services we can also invest in its platform by buying tokens from the soundeon platform that is SND token.Soundeon is a revolutionary digital music world, a blockchain based music streaming platform for artists and listeners, Soundeon’s goal is to decentralize all areas of service.

The current problems that occur in the music world and the solutions of the soundeon 

Current problems such as losses for artists, unfair profit structures, Streaming have changed the way people consume music. The listener no longer buys an entire album and instead pays a fixed monthly fee for streaming music. However, the shift in market focus from individual music sales to streaming has become problematic because more abnormal structures are formed and artists receive less compensation for their work. The current production process, Production companies receive funding as an investment of the label to produce music. As such, they first transfer exclusive rights to the distribution. Even if only part of the rights are transferred, the artist should just distribute their music through the label. Inadequate structures for new artists The fundamental solution to the problem of the music industry lies not in securing the rights of artists only. To really improve the rights of artists, the structure of the streaming service, and the distribution structure of the profits of the industry, we must focus on the main problem of capital. And there are many other problems.

Soundeon provides solutions to issues above Crowdfunding for Music Production to create an ecosystem, and provides streaming services that use unfair blocking. Soundeon Will Resolve the issue through crowdfunding. Reasonable Models and Breakthroughs for Consumers Soundeon methods will bring more benefits to consumers as well. The Soundeon service has a reasonable pricing policy in which the consumer pays according to the number of songs that have been streamed. If consumers do not use any of the services provided, they are not charged. Soundeon provides incentives to consumers by allowing purely playable subscription packages based on usage.In the soundeon Platform:Customer* Payments based on actual consumption
* Lower costs compared to other services
* Investment opportunitiesArtist* Fair profit for artist
* Cost of music production increased through funding
* Right guaranteed for creative workCrowdfunding System for Artists
* Development of environmental funding of production costs for artists
* Expanding investment opportunities for regular consumers
* Win-win solutions for artists and investorsFair Music Streaming Service for Consumers
* Decentralized streaming service without intermediaries
* Fair payment structure based on actual consumption
* Lower cost compared to other streaming services
* MOU in the process with large production companies and artists

What are the goals of the soundeon? every company should have a purpose why they form a platform and not exception with soundeon.dan what is the purpose of soundeon?Implement blockchain technology for an efficient and future-oriented music service platform. Soundeon will implement blockchain technology and use it to further develop the decentralized applications most suited to the music industry.Provide a conducive environment for creating music. Soundeon will solve the most pressing problem of the music industry: the unfair distribution of capital. This issue must be addressed to attract and secure a larger user base, including artist.

Create an environment where small and medium-sized production companies and new artists can reduce their financial burden and retain their rights to their work.Helps produce high quality music by applying Lean Process. The Lean process, which focuses on optimizing processes to create the greatest value of the fewest resources, first started in the manufacturing industry, but has spread widely to other fields since it was introduced Allows consumers the freedom of choice and creates new investment opportunities. Soundeon will allow all consumers to invest in established, emerging, and debut artists. Investors will get a fair share of the profits, even if the artists then sell their copyright and distribution.

Provide opportunities for consumers to actively work with artists in promoting projects and participating in the creative process. Consumers who fund projects through Soundeon have an incentive to become their “marketers” and actively participate in the success of their investments. They will be reliable supporters for artists and production companies.Provide decentralized and secure services to all customers. Soundeon can hold the construction of services as its immediate objective, but in the long run, Soundeon’s ultimate goal is the decentralization of services. We aim to ultimately form a strong structure that distributes all revenue equitably between artists and project token holders.

What are the products and processes of the Soundeon platform?

Blockchain based ‘Music Streaming + Funding’ platform: Soundeon is a comprehensive music platform that integrates investment, distribution, and profit realization. Soundeon is a blockchain based platform that consists mainly of two parts: crowdfunding services that handle attraction, investment, allocation, and account balance for funding, and streaming services that handle music distribution.

Ensemble, crowdfunding center, ensemble is a crowdfunding decentralization application (DApp) that allows artists to create projects and raise funds.Music Storage, In the early stages of the service, Soundeon will store the music through a centralized server for maximum efficiency and fast service performance. In an adult system, all music uploaded to Soundeon will be encrypted and stored in a distributed storage. The Soundeon Token (SND) is the base currency of Soundeon. This token is a payment method for a streaming service and will be listed on the exchange. All payment methods in this service will use Soundeon Tokens. The investment profits will also be distributed at Soundeon Tokens. About Tokens and their distribution:Token Name: Soundeon Token Token
Symbol: SND
Price: 1 SND = About 0,057 USD
Tokens sold * Unsold tokens will be burned.

July 27 to August 31 
Minimum $ 70 
Bonus 5%

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