Shopin Creating a More Sustainable Retail Economy

Small and medium scale companies start to grow but various obstacles prevent them from growing and developing. Starting from the difficulty of obtaining raw materials, to the difficulty of marketing products. In contrast to what happens in developed countries, small and medium-sized companies in many countries have not utilized Information Technology support in running their businesses. Of the problems above, small and medium scale entrepreneurs need to be helped to develop. One way is by SHOPIN.

Blockchain can also be used for shopping security, whether online or in person. Shopin, a startup in this space, has now created a “universal shopper profile” that is undergirded by blockchain and AI technology. It will be revitalizing the retail industry with a new economy of data to increase transactional conversions. In the future, Shopin will enable a greater understanding of customers based on a full view of their purchase history, style, preference, and pricing. Exchange fair value to shoppers for access to their data via cryptocurrency. Shopin’s ecosystem will be fueled by an ERC20-based token called Shopin, which we’ll discuss below. Shoppers will use the Shopin app and wallet, through which they’ll get recognized by retailers. The latter ones will see the users’ purchase data, allowing them to offer relevant recommendations, give back to the Ethereum community for continued and sustainable growth.

The Shopin team has a great aim vision, that will be bringing this project among the most promising ones in the future. Shopin was awarded as the best ICO at the North American Bitcoin Conference held this year and best ICO and startup by CoinAgenda Global. It was also listed in the top 5 ICOs at Davos d10e conference and was named the most promising ICO of 2018 by Bitcoinference. Sounds interesting, right?

Shopin successfully was tested in partnership with Ermenegildo Zegna and Bed Bath & Beyond – two reputable fashion and home-goods retailers. Each retailer invited customers to create a shopper profile, resulting in a total of 719,000 signups. The funds that already collected is more than 40 million USD.

Shopin Tokens have two forms in order to provide both liquidity and scalability. Both is the public and private tokens that have the same value. Each can always be exchanged one-for-one into the other form. So don’t worry about it.

First, Shopin Ethereum Blockchain Tokens. When they are initially issued, Shopin Tokens are in the form of ERC-20 standard tokens. This means they are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Stored in any wallet that handles Ethereum tokens. Subject to the performance limitations of the Ethereum network.

Second, Shopin Blockchain Tokens. Recorded on the Shopin Network, a federated permissioned blockchain with capacity in excess of 1 million transactions per second. Stored only in the Shopin App. It will be used in this form for Shopin exchanges related to profile data, advertising, rewards, and gift giving. And then, here the information about the ICO:

Public Token Generation Event start date: March 30, 2018

Public Token Generation Event start date: April 29, 2018

Total supply of token: 1.5 billion

Price of token: $0.10 USD per token

Accepted payment: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

Token Name: SHOPIN

Platform/Type: Ethereum/ ERC20

Price in ICO: 1 SHOPIN = 0.10 USD

Tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000

Distributed in ICO: 33%


It’s time to own your data and get financially rewarded whilst having the most personal experience on every store, site and app. For more information you can visit these links below:

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