SGame Pro ICO Earn Profit By Playing Game

Many people still think that playing games is just a waste of time and money. Although there is a point, but the above expression was not always right you know!

You see, now many games that are not just fun played but also can make people who play it earn income. Not playing games you know, the income that can be obtained from playing games that could reach millions of dollars. Who’s trying to not interested?

Well, for you who might be more fond of playing games or intend to find money in a fun way, I will give recommendations the project (ICO) that can make you earn money millions of dollars. Let’s see!

I introduce you all about Sgame Pro, The first mobile gaming aggregator built in blockchain that allows users to “mine” the crypto-shopper simply by playing the most popular game in the world. They enable players to be rewarded with our newly issued utility crypto-token SGM while simply playing the world’s most popular mobile games. SGM will be the only way to access and benefit from the Sgame Pro Platform and the sole settlement method for all transactions within the Sgame Pro ecosystem. Under development since August 2016, Sgame Pro successfully launched its Alpha version in 2017 achieving over 50,000 downloads with no marketing spend. Our entire focus is on the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry and we have developed several technical innovations in favor of Players, Publishers, Merchants and Influencers. Their platform aggregates the fragmented sector of independent and major game Publishers into a one-stop-shop gaming platform where Players will have the opportunity to challenge others in games that were previously only single player. This innovation is truly disruptive given that 78% of the mobile gaming market is single player while most of the revenues stem from multiplayer games.

The primary mission of Sgame Pro is to provide users with an unparalleled experience where they can play their favorite games while they are mining “SGM” tokens. Players engage in a completely new way as they are rewarded for their Live streaming game. Players will be able to use SGM to challenge each other, to redeem a large amount of digital and physical goods in the internal Sgame Pro market and in the Publisher’s digital store. Players will be able to transfer SGM from their internal Switch to an external wallet ERC-20 compatible at any time.


Total Sale: 194.5mm
Private Sale: 139.5mm
Main Sale: 55mm

Main sale will start within
end of July 2018

Sale Details

Issuer: Sgame Sa (Swiss Based)



Main Sale: July 2018

Price in Chf:10d before Main Sale

Exchange Rate ETH/CHF:24h prior Main Sale


KYC: Required

Token Distribution

Total Supply:350,000,000

Private Sale:139,500,000

Main Sale:55,000,000

SGM Liquidity Reserve:83,000,000

Kept by Issuer:51,000,000

Advisors & Founders: 15,000,000


Bounties & Airdrops: 6,500,000


Transaction model:

Proof Of Play:
Liquidity Reserve:
The Team Behind The Project:
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