The Nimbus Token Platform Allows Businesses to Fund Their Projects Via Pre-Sales

Businesses and projects in a country are slow due to constraints at various stages of the project, from preparation to implementation. Overall, weak coordination among stakeholders often leads to a decision-making decision. At the preparation stage, there are problems due to a poor quality of project preparation and limited funding allocation. Furthermore, projects are often constrained by the procurement of tools and materials that result in delays in achieving financial close for the project. In addition, funding issues often arise due to unavailability of financial support from the Government as well as investors due to discrepancies or disagreements over the distribution of risks between the Government and Business Entities. In addition to financial support, limited government guarantees that can be provided on infrastructure projects also reduce investor interest in a region.

To overcome these obstacles, there was an ICO. Then what is the ICO that is already rife in the business world? ICO is usually offered by the developers where their goal is to raise funds to develop the projects they do in this case is a digital coin. They need funds to maximize the projects they undertake to quickly develop and can be quickly completed.

For developers, they will get funding to accelerate the projects they develop so that they can be enjoyed by many people. For investors will get a token or coin which later coin can be traded freely in the market exchanges.

The advantage for investors who follow ICO before the coin is launched to the free market is the price given will be cheaper. And usually when the coin is launched the price will jump up to more than 5x the price of ICO. This is what makes investors enjoy this ICO.

Behind the profits, there must be disadvantages that come to him. Because ICO is investing in nature then we spend money and give to third parties and the money may not be used according to the agreement when the ICO is carried away without any explanation that is clear or more familiar with SCAM.

Several things become the problem of SCAM when the ICO is not a clear project, the purpose of collecting funds made by developers and teams that are not clear or not plastered. Usually, this will be explained in the whitepaper. Besides of that, one ICO is usually used for one project and this is actually less effective especially for the future of the token itself later. Unless the project is really big and very tough for a wide range. Yes, there are already some platforms trying to solve this problem, but has it worked so far?

The Nimbus Token Platform allows businesses to fund their projects via pre-sales so they can greatly expand their operations, hire new workers and develop new products. Unlike other cryptocurrency platforms, they have found a way to use blockchain technology for any product or service. For the first time blockchain technology can be used to raise money for small
business projects and for crypto entrepreneurs, to grow their altcoin collection.

With the Nimbus Token Platform, it is not only talking about a system to sell products, it is talking about the rise of an entire job class where people can create entire new careers that are currently unavailable in financial technology. The Nimbus Token Platform can be used for almost any business project. Stores can use the platform to raise money by selling their own branded tokens instead of struggling with venture capitalists or suffering the humiliation of the typical banking experience.
We know what the benefits are to store owners, but what is in it for those customers that
bought NIM during the crowdsale? NIM tokens unlock functionality on the platform. NIM is
used to open stores and unlocks the ability to buy branded product tokens. With product tokens, the customer can always get a pro-rata refund for their product token or barter the token on the exchange. Instead of having yoghurt tokens, they could swap those for a token that can be redeemed for a bicycle.

Supported by people who are experienced in the field of technology and blockchain, of course, the future nimbus will be very bright. One of the people you must know is John McAfee. Not only that, the team behind the project is also clearly the people of choice and very ambitious and an establishment with the vision of mission nimbus.

NIM is initially only available during the platform token crowdsale. At the end of the crowdsale,
all unsold tokens will be pooled for mining later by stores, via the logging of sales later.
NIM tokens will be required to open a store on the Nimbus Token Platform. Those individuals
that do not buy tokens during the crowdsale will have to wait until NIM appear on exchanges or
until new NIM tokens are mined and sold.

The platform uses two types of tokens, NIM and NIMx; each with its own specific purpose.
NIM is the utility tokens that is sold during the token crowdsale. If any NIM were leftover from
the crowdsale, those tokens will be available to be mined whenever a store on the platform logs
a sale. NIM is also required to open a store on the platform.
NIMx is the product tokens. Every store on the platform has a unique token ID. NIMx (or NIMy
or NIMz) are used to denote different product tokens in the whitepaper. Actual unique token IDs
could look like NIM.MillerAvocados, NIM.LocusJets, or NIM.ArizonaSpa. Platform users could
barter NIM.MillerAvocados product tokens for NIM. ArizonaSpa or any other product token on
the platform exchange. They can also be traded on the platform exchange for NIM, which can
be traded openly on third-party exchanges.


We predict a minimally viable product to be available in Q3 of 2018 with more features coming
online the rest of that year. New v2.0 features could conceivably be seen on the platform during
Q2 of 2019

Token info

Token Name: NIM
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC-20
Price in ICO
1 NIM = 0.0005 ETH
Tokens for sale: 35,000,000

Investment info

Accepting: ETH
Distributed in ICO: 70%
Hard cap: 1,000,000 NIM

Bonus program:
Presale (First Day) ~ 50% Off January 3rd, 2018 5,000,000 NIM Token Cap
Presale (Day 2-14) ~ 25% Off January 4th, 2018 – January 16th, 2018 14,000,000 NIM Token Cap
Public Crowdsale – Approximately $1 USD per NIM Token
January 17th, 2018 – March 27th, 2018
50,000,000 NIM Token Cap

Token distribution:
Token Presale 20%
Token Sale 50%
Team 10%
Founders 10%
Costs and Fees Reserve 10%

Funds allocation:
Labor 40%
Marketing 20%
Facilities 10%
Security 5%
Legal 3%
Infrastructure 7%
Reserve Fund 15%

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