CASPER API Infrastructure of Decentralized Information Storage (ICO)

Welcome friends on my steemit blog. On this occasion, I would like to introduce to you one of the most promising ICO due to their project which is quite effective and useful in the present and also in the future. The name of ICO is CASPER API.
As we all know, blockchain transaction logging technology is being hotly discussed and installed in various sectors to optimize work. Blockchain can also be applied in terms of data storage, or better known as data storage. Investor on blockchain technology is enormous because it relates to the future. Unfortunately, whenever something new and complicated (such as blockchain) gets into the public, there are always swindlers waiting for the next opportunity to deceive people who do not know about it.

Understanding the type of fraud and also learning the ins and outs of a project in Blockchain is essential to ensure that we as consumers are not subjected to fraud. So it must be thorough to invest in the world of the blockchain. Blockchain technology is a data storage technology that is multiserver or consists of many servers. Thus, the data will be more secure because it is stored on many servers that are related to each other. Blockchain to date cannot be hacked because it is very powerful. Multiserver but mutual data verification, if there is one server hacked, another server will declare it invalid.

The person who rents will get the reward of a token, such as when renting the goods will get the rent. Similar to uploading a file to a storage such as DropBox or Google Drive, the uploaded file will log on to the server. The difference, blockchain technology consists of many servers so that the uploaded file will be broken down and saved to other servers. The servers are encrypted so that the owner of the storage cannot even see the file. He believes there are several scenarios for the technology to replace cloud systems or cloud computing, which could happen, be complementary to the cloud or fail.

Blockchain technology is not trying to replace the business data centre but trying to complement the existing technology. All technologies must have evolved, not to mention data technology. The presence of blockchain technology should be viewed as a disruption of existing conditions today, where data is stored in an existing data centre. Those who are engaged in technology must know that technology must evolve. It just disrupts their current model, in the end, it must be an adaptation.

With Casper API we will allow the use of all the capabilities already present in cloud storage, such as content distribution network and data storage. The infrastructure can be used for all kinds of applications, websites and even offline businesses with no use of smart contracts. Combined with the architecture capabilities such as automated content delivery through smart contracts on blockchains as well as SDK for DApps make Casper API an attractive solution for the budding market of decentralized applications. Casper API is an infrastructure project designed for decentralized data storage compatible with any blockchain platform with smart contract capabilities.

The uniqueness of this Casper API is present in projects that position themselves as the first decentralized platform for cloud storage.

Another reason why you should invest here is that there are so many people who directly participate in financing this project at the time of its introduction at the stage of Casper’s prototype workmanship. In a short time, this project attracted an investment of 1239 ETH (about $ 1,040,000) during PRE-ICO.

In addition, specifically for the owner of the CST token, another very interesting advantage will open. For example, you can be a disk space supplier for the Casper platform. Only 1 CST will allow you to rent up to 256 Gb. And the CST token itself can be hired to a service provider for a fee. The token itself can naturally be sold on the exchange at market value, which will only grow as the project develops. Most likely this token will be in the listing in the big market one of them is YOBIT.

Token info

Token: CST
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
PreICO price: 1 CST = 0.08 USD
Price in ICO: 1 CST = 0.16 USD
Tokens for sale: 258,083,333

Investment info

Accepting: ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO: 58,7%
Soft cap: 6,700,000 USD
Hard cap: 26 200 000 USD

Token Allocation info

The Road Map info

The Team info

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Author: evilsign  |ETH Address: 0x5028c92a61501183ba956e6ccac2275429f17809

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